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Vinnie no ears

Vinnie no ears

Remember Vinnie, Julie’s rabbit that the mum nibbled off his ears?

He is now 7 months old and living with his bunny wife called Tina.

Sadly one of his ear stumps became infected again. George examined him and recommended surgery to remove his vertical ear canal as this was the only way to have a chance of a full recovery.

Vinnie was anaesthetised and under went major surgery. Usually with rabbits we place the intravenous catheter into the lateral ear vein, however in Vinnie’s case this was just not an option! Julie placed one into the cephalic vein in a forelimb so that we could administer intravenous fluids and have emergency access.

To everyone’s surprise Vinnie ate a little piece of parsley just half an hour after coming out of theatre!

By the evening after his surgery Vinnie had decided he no longer required his intravenous catheter and started removing it himself! Because Vinnie was eating incredibly well and passing droppings, Julie removed it for him!

With daily wound and ear flushing Vinnie is well on the way to a full recovery. His stitches have been removed and he is still receiving antibiotics. He is such a brave and tolerant rabbit to cooperate with the extensive aftercare required with this type of surgery.

Meet Pirate, Cat’s 2 year old hand reared boy.

Pirate WebUnfortunately Pirate was involved in a road traffic accident out with surgery hours. Cat rushed him to Glasgow Vet School for emergency treatment. He was admitted for pain relief and stabilisation so that the vets could examine him to assess his injuries.

He suffered a fractured jaw and a fractured pelvis along with bruising from the impact, in addition to this he had corneal damage to both eyes (eye ulcers).

He was kept in intensive care the first night at GUVS, by the following morning he had stabilised enough to be anaesthetised to have his fractured jaw wired and x-rays taken of his chest which were fine.

The following day he was transferred back to Avalon for ongoing monitoring and treatment. Further x-rays were taken of his spine and pelvis which revealed a fracture to the sacro-iliac junction of the pelvis.

We are pleased to say with 4 weeks strict rest and home care (TLC! And pain relief) from Cat and her parents, his repeat xray today was satisfactory for Pirate to be allowed to return to normal exercise! The wire was also removed from his jaw as this also had healed well.


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