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Meet Skye, a lovely 13 year old border terrier and our pet of the month. Her owner brought her to the Avalon Vet Clinic as she was under the weather. Vet Anna Chalmers examined Skye and found that Skye’s symptoms were consistent with a condition called pyometra. Pyometra is a common condition in older female dogs that have not been spayed. It is a serious and potentially life threatening illness

Pet of The Month August 2012

Brave Skye our Pet of the Month

Skye was admitted to the Clinic. We took her through to our preparation room to place a catheter to enable us to give her intensive intravenous fluid therapy as she was quite ill. This also meant we had access to the vein when administering any medication required.

Skye then had a general anaesthetic. She had to undergo a full ovariohysterectomy (spay, neuter). This is when the veterinary surgeon removes both ovaries and the whole uterus. Neutering pets is one of our most common surgeries we carry out and in young healthy animals is a low risk procedure. But as Skye was ill because of the infection within her uterus this made things more complicated.

Skye recovered from her anaesthesia and surgery with the support of the nursing staff here at Avalon constantly monitoring her and most importantly – giving her TLC! (tender loving care). Veterinary surgeon Anna Chalmers prescribed antibiotics and pain relief for Skye to go home with. Within a few days and with the help of her owner, Skye recovered well from the operation. She has now had all of the sutures removed and she is back to her cheeky self. We are all so pleased Skye has done so well!

Animals with pyometra can be of any age. They are usually unspayed bitches, they will normally show signs of being unwell, off their food, drinking more than normal and often but not always, there will be a vulval discharge. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar ? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think your pet has pyometra as untreated it can be a fatal condition.


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