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Introducing Roxy, an 11 year old Labrador who came to our nurse clinic to have a long nail trimmed. However Julie advised Roxy needed to see the vet as she noticed Roxy had a swollen toe.

George examined Roxy and confirmed digit number 2 on her left hind was swollen as was the nail bed. Her popliteal lymph node (“lymph gland”) in this leg was greatly enlarged suggesting infection was present.

George gave Roxy injections of an antibiotic and a painkiller. Roxy was admitted the following day for xrays and to have the nail trimmed, which revealed there was pus present in the nail.

Roxy underwent bandage changes every few days for 2 weeks. The swelling had reduced and Roxy was using her leg well.

She was kept on antibiotics for 6 weeks, however her toe became swollen again. We repeated the xrays under sedation and also took a swab of her nail bed for culture and sensitivity.

Unfortunately the xrays revealed osteomyelitis, which is inflammation of bone or bone marrow usually due to infection.

Her antibiotic dose was increased and another antibiotic added once we had the culture and sensitivity results from the swab.

Roxy is still visiting us to have her bandage changed twice a week and to have the toe checked regularly by the vets. She is a very brave girl.

Roxy being brave

Roxy being brave


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