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This months Pet of the Month is Rory.  Rory was admitted to the surgery because he vomited up an ear of a dog toy.  After Anna admitted him Rory proceeded to bring up several more parts of toy including the other ear!

Rory was sedated and x-rayed that morning and x-rays confirmed there was definitely still something in his stomach.  After speaking to the owner it was decided that Rory would undergo a full general anaesthetic and exploratory surgery to remove the foreign body in his stomach and check his intestines for any other foreign bodies.

During the operation Anna removed two squeakers from Rory’s stomach!!!

Rory was hospitalised on intravenous fluids for a couple of days as he also suffers from chronic kidney disease but he made a fantastic recovery from the surgery!  Rory was in to see the nurses a few times for wound checks and to have his stitches out but within a couple of weeks he was fully recovered and is still more than happy to come into the surgery to see us!

Rory and Hugo, a Labrador who ate a magnet were in the Bearsden and Milngavie Herald in April in an article discussing the risks of animals eating foreign objects and ways to limit the risk of this happening

Rory Post op

Rory Post op


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