Hi, I’m Anna Chalmers, Veterinary Surgeon. I qualified with commendation from the University of Glasgow in 2005. My first job was in a busy small animal practice in Doncaster. In 2006 I received a job offer from the Avalon Vet Clinic where I completed much of my training prior to qualifying as a vet. I couldn’t resist moving to such an excellent practice and being closer to my family and I have enjoyed working at Avalon ever since. I love my job and have been previously nicknamed “Hermione Grainger” by another staff member as I am always keen to learn and can often be found with my head in a veterinary book or magazine! Avalon in particular is a great practice to work in with fantastic premises and equipment and a real team spirit amongst the staff members.

My role involves pet consultations and surgery. I also complete all insurance paperwork for the practice and run a Client Focus Group which ensures that we continue to provide the best service to our clients and their pets.

I have recently acquired a new addition. He is a Springer Spaniel puppy called Glen. I acquired him at 11 weeks old as his intended owner had an accident and was unable to take him on. Poor Glen was headed for a rescue centre until he found his new home with me! He’s a very energetic puppy, full of fun but (…so far) seems very bright and is learning really quickly.