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Emer is a young Airedale Terrier. She came to see Anna with a very sore eye- her owner thought she had an eye infection. The eye was very painful and Emer didn’t want anyone looking at it. Anna put local anaesthetic eye drops into Emer’s eye to provide pain relief. After the local anaesthetic made Emer comfortable,  Anna was able to examine the sore eye.

Anna caught a glimpse of a green object deep in Emer’s upper eyelid. Thankfully Anna managed to remove the 3cm piece of foliage but it left Emer with a corneal ulcer covering more than 50% of her eye.

Happy her eye has healed

Happy Emer

We are pleased to say after a week of eye drops Emer’s eye has now healed. The offending foreign body is pictured below. It is a piece of evergreen vegetation, possibly a bit of Leylandii hedge. 

painful eye foreign body

Emer’s foreign body


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