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Duke is a 5 month old Hungarian Vizsla. His owner called us for some advice because Duke had taken a sock from the laundry basket and swallowed it! When a dog eats a sock or other foreign body it can pass into the intestines and cause an obstruction. 

Fortunately his owner saw him swallow it and although Duke seemed well in himself despite a sock in his stomach, we recommended bringing him down to the surgery to see George.

The sock had been ingested within 4 hours of seeing George so this meant there was a good chance it had not yet left his stomach. George administered an injection to induce vomiting so we could empty his stomach. This injection works very quickly and thankfully the sock came back up!

Sad Duke

Duke wasn’t very happy when he vomited his sock

Had we been unable to get Duke to bring up the sock, it certainly was large enough  to cause a blockage in the intestines which would have resulted in a very unwell puppy and emergency abdominal surgery. When a dog eats a sock or other foreign body it is important to get advice quickly. 

Happy Duke

Happy Duke in for his 6 month health check with the nurses

A good outcome for Duke!


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