The optimum socialisation period for a puppy is from the age of 8 weeks to 14 weeks. It is during this time that we need to expose our puppies to lots of different stimuli to help prevent fear as they grow older. Fear often leads to aggression in dogs – this can be very dangerous in adult dogs – especially if the aggression is towards people. However, because at this young age puppies are not fully vaccinated, we often have to isolate them from the very things they ideally need to be exposed to.

The puppy parties allow your puppy to safely play with adults, children and other dogs during that optimum period. We find that the puppies and their owners benefit in lots of different ways from the classes. The puppies are much friendlier to both people and other dogs, their training can begin in a relaxed and fun environment and both adults and children have a wonderful time playing with lots of different breeds of puppy.
As a result of this the puppies happily come into the surgery and show no fear in the waiting room or with any of the staff. This makes bringing your pet to the vet a much less stressful experience for both you and your dog.

The socialisation classes run for six weeks and each week we introduce a different topic to discuss, such as behaviour, nutrition, vaccinations and several more. In addition to this we give advice on how to begin training your puppy with simple commands such as ‘Sit‘, ‘Stay’ and ‘Come’.

We encourage our clients to bring along their children because, as well as being a fun experience for them, the puppies learn that being around children is fun for them too! This lessens the risk that they will show any aggressive risk towards children as adult dogs. Our puppy parties are the first step to having a well behaved and friendly adult dog.