To be granted a pet passport, your pet must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies. At the first consultation your pet will be microchipped or any existing chip will be checked. It will also be given a health check and rabies vaccination.

The pet passport can then be filled in. The pet may not enter the UK until 21 days after the rabies vaccination.

In most situations only one vaccine will be required which will need to be boosted every three years. Please note that although the rabies vaccine has a three year licence in the UK, some countries may require proof of annual rabies vaccination as part of their rabies control procedures

Before re-entering the UK, your pet must be treated by a vet against tapeworm. This must be done between 24 hours and 120 hours of returning to the UK (1-5 days).

The rules for entry into other countries, can be quite varied and the individual requirements should ALWAYS be checked with DEFRA or the country concerned

For More Information Contact:-

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
Helpline: 0870 241 1710 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm)